KJ Group is a Theatre Arts group whose mission is to create knowledge, understanding and compassion on issues that relate to justice and equality in today's world. Our mandate is to use excellent entertainment to both educate and touch hearts, creating positive change by inspiring individuals to simply do better. Our vision bridges the rift between ethnicity, culture and faith, breaks racial stereotypes and promotes healing and equality.



The Making of Dandelions  in the Wind

"A reminder that we can never be complacent" -  Kate Gilderdale, Stouffville Free Press

Socially Relevant Theatre 

- a unique combination of culture, entertainment and education for students and adults,
particularly relevant to Racism and Bullying prevention

Recent events in the States and Canada remind us that racism still exists and despite the perceived tolerance and multiculturalism of Canada, racism and bullying continue to be major concerns for this generation. The schools are doing an exceptional job by incorporating Anti-Bully Day/Week and encouraging dialogue among the youth regarding this serious issue. Dandelions in the Wind works synergistically with anti-bullying teaching, helping to change the thought process on racism in this world.

Dandelions in the Wind  is the musical love story of a young white woman and a young black man caught up in the turbulent times of America’s Civil Rights era. The inspiration to create this musical came from the racism that the playwright  and her late husband experienced in the sixties and seventies as a young bi-racial couple. Jennifer has placed that personal experience into the backdrop of the American Civil Rights era, giving the musical power and depth.

Dandelions in the Wind brings attention to historical moments in Black History yet has been created to appeal to today’s youth. With music that ranges from African drumming and gospel-type songs to toe-tapping dance numbers and spoken-word, this production shows how far we have come, yet how far we still have to go. It shows where hate can lead and how love can overcome. Although the musical centres on the racism between black and white, the production has a message for all groups of people who are separated by the yawning chasm of fear and distrust. It is a step toward bridging that divide.

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